Saab Car Rental in Tenerife

Total 0 cars at a price starting from €11.43 per day.

  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Free Second Driver
  • Baby/Child Seat Included
  • Fully Compressive Insurance Included
  • Deposit in Cash or by Credit/Debit Card
  • No Waiting at the Rental Counter
  • Free Change and Cancellation of Reservation

List of Available Saab Cars in Tenerife

  • Economy 22
  • Convertibles 22
  • Luxury 39
  • Sportcar 14
  • SUVs 23
  • Hybrid/Electric 4
  • Standard 15
  • Compact 24
  • Multi-Seaters 15

Unfortunately, no available cars were found.

Customer Reviews

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Elmer Harris
Elmer Harris Mar. 28, 2024

Renting a car from your company was a game-changer for my vacation. The car was a luxurious model, and driving it was a joy. The staff was like a concierge service, offering local tips and recommendations. I felt like a VIP throughout the rental process. I’ll remember this trip for a long time, thanks to your top-notch service.

Zeina Skheih
Zeina Skheih Feb. 14, 2024

Although there was an issue with the car I had initially ordered, the manager handled the situation perfectly. I was offered a choice and was provided with a brand new car that only had 1800 km on the odometer. Communication was excellent, everything was delivered on time, and there were no problems with the features that I had requested on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a prepayment required when booking a car on the website? A prepayment might be needed right after booking online or once we confirm the car availability. If it’s the latter, you’ll receive an email link for the prepayment. You’ll pay the rest when you pick up the car.

What are the necessary documents for car pickup? To pick up your car, please ensure you have the following documents: a valid Passport or ID, a Driving License, and your car rental voucher, which you’ll receive after making your payment. The voucher can be presented in electronic form.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept cash or debit/credit cards and also cryptocurrency.

How do I pay the deposit? You can pay for the car deposit in cash or debit/credit card, it is not necessary to have a credit card for the deposit.

Are driving licenses from the USA or Canada accepted? Yes, we welcome and accept driving licenses issued in the USA and Canada.

Will I receive the exact car model that I ordered? We strive to provide the exact car model you book. However, in unforeseen circumstances where the specific model is unavailable, we will supply a similar or superior car under the same terms.

Can I pick up a car in one city and return it in another one? Of course, you can pick up a car in one city and return it in another one. You can select different pick-up and drop-off cities in the green search bar on our website.

Can I add a second driver to the agreement? Yes, you can include an additional driver in your booking. Please provide the rental agent with both drivers’ details when you pick up the car to have them added to the agreement.

What if something happens to the car while traveling? In case of force majeure, please call the rental agent (the phone number is on your voucher) and contact us in our support chat or at [email protected]. We will help you with any issue.

About Saab Car Rental in Tenerife

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