Audi Car Rental in Tenerife

Total 10 cars at a price starting from €28.53 per day.

  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Free Second Driver
  • Baby/Child Seat Included
  • Fully Compressive Insurance Included
  • Deposit in Cash or by Credit/Debit Card
  • No Waiting at the Rental Counter
  • Free Change and Cancellation of Reservation

List of Available Audi Cars in Tenerife

  • Economy 18
  • Convertibles 13
  • Luxury 28
  • Sportcar 9
  • SUVs 25
  • Hybrid/Electric 4
  • Standard 13
  • Compact 20
  • Multi-Seaters 12
Audi A1 (Manual, 1.4 L, 5 Seats)

Audi A1 Book a Car

Manual, 1.4 L, 5 Seats

199.70 for 7 days
Audi A1 (Automatic, 1.4 L, 5 Seats)

Audi A1 Book a Car

Automatic, 1.4 L, 5 Seats

329.60 for 7 days
Audi Q3 (Automatic, 2.0 L, 5 Seats)

Audi Q3 Book a Car

Automatic, 2.0 L, 5 Seats

419.48 for 7 days
Audi A3 Cabrio (Automatic, 1.8 L, 4 Seats)

Audi A3 Cabrio Book a Car

Automatic, 1.8 L, 4 Seats

419.58 for 7 days
Audi A8 (Automatic, 3.0 L, 5 Seats)

Audi A8 Book a Car

Automatic, 3.0 L, 5 Seats

494.55 for 7 days
Audi A6 (Automatic, 2.0 L, 5 Seats)

Audi A6 Book a Car

Automatic, 2.0 L, 5 Seats

629.48 for 7 days
Audi A5 Cabrio (Automatic, 2.0 L, 4 Seats)

Audi A5 Cabrio Book a Car

Automatic, 2.0 L, 4 Seats

682.50 for 7 days
Audi Q7 (Automatic, 3.0 L, 7 Seats)

Audi Q7 Book a Car

Automatic, 3.0 L, 7 Seats

1094.63 for 7 days
Audi RS 3 (Automatic, 2.5 L, 5 Seats)

Audi RS 3 Book a Car

Automatic, 2.5 L, 5 Seats

4200.00 for 7 days
Audi R8 (Automatic, 5.2 L, 2 Seats)

Audi R8 Book a Car

Automatic, 5.2 L, 2 Seats

10500.00 for 7 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What payment methods you accept? We accept cash or debi/credit cards and also cryptocurrency.

Do I need to pay at the website? No, you have to pay at the car collection.

How I pay deposit? You can pay for car deposit in cash or debit/credit card, is not necessary for having a credit card for the deposit.

What documents will I need to pick up my car? When picking up the car you will need: Passport, National Driver’s License. Your car rental voucher that you receive after paying for your order (can be in electronic form).

What is the right way to pick up a car? To pick up your car, you must have the originals of all necessary documents. Read the agreement carefully before signing, check that the car acceptance certificate includes all the damages of the car and the level of fuel in the tank. Just in case, take pictures of the car (pay special attention to the parts that have damages/scratches/chipping).

Can I pick up a car in one city and return it in another one? Of course, you can pick up a car in one city and return it in another one. You can select different pick-up and drop-off cities in the green search bar on our website.

Can I come to your office and see the car? Our website aggregates cars from different rental companies that are based in different locations. You can book a car only online. All the cars on our website are in good condition and timely inspected. After the booking, you will receive a voucher with details of your order, office address and contact details of the rental agent.

Will I get the car I booked? Yes, the main principle of our work is that you should get the car you booked. If the car rental company cannot provide the booked car due to breakdown or other force-majeure circumstances, it must provide a car of the same or higher class on the same terms and for the same price.

With how much fuel should I return the car? You must return your rental car with the same level of fuel you picked it up with. If the level of fuel is lower, you pay the difference at the rates of car rental company. If the level of fuel is higher, you are not compensated for the difference.

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